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Ayda Kebapci, Gul Dikec, Serpil Topcu
Interobserver Reliability of Glasgow Coma Scale Scores for Intensive Care Unit Patients
Crit Care Nurse August 2020 40:e18-e26; doi:10.4037/ccn2020200

Marilyn Schallom, Heidi Tymkew, Kara Vyers, Donna Prentice, Carrie Sona, Traci Norris, Cassandra Arroyo
Implementation of an Interdisciplinary AACN Early Mobility Protocol
Crit Care Nurse August 2020 40:e7-e17; doi:10.4037/ccn2020632

Anne M. Fink
Sleep Neurobiology and the Critical Care Environment
Crit Care Nurse August 2020 40:e1-e6; doi:10.4037/ccn2020432

Elizabeth A. Shoaled, Jacob Reeder, Michael Finnick, Ishani Patel, Kyle Evans, Rebecca K. Faber, Brian W. Gilbert
Pharmacological Treatment for Paroxysmal Sympathetic Hyperactivity
Crit Care Nurse June 2020 40:e9-e16; doi:10.4037/ccn2020348

Erika Schlichter, Omar Lopez, Raymond Scott, Laura Ngwenya, Natalie Kreuzer, Neha S. Dangayach, Simona Ferioli, Brandon Foreman
Feasibility of Nurse-Led Multidimensional Outcome Assessments in the Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit
Crit Care Nurse June 2020 40:e1-e8; doi:10.4037/ccn2020681

Jessica Grimm
Sleep Deprivation in the Intensive Care Patient
Crit Care Nurse April 2020 40:e16-e24; doi:10.4037/ccn2020939

Melissa L. Hallman, Lanell M. Bellury
Communication in Pediatric Critical Care Units: A Review of the Literature
Crit Care Nurse April 2020 40:e1-e15; doi:10.4037/ccn2020751

Megan D. Snyder, Margaret A. Priestly, Michelle Weiss, Cindy L. Hoegg, Natalie Plachter, Sarah Ardire, Allison Thompson
Preventing Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Crit Care Nurse February 2020 40:e12-e17; doi:10.4037/ccn2020438

Samantha R. Asber, Kenneth P. Shanahan, Leslie Lussier, Dorothy Didomenico, Marissa Davis, Jennifer Eaton, Michele Esposito, Navin K. Kapur
Nursing Management of Patients Requiring Acute Mechanical Circulatory Support Devices
Crit Care Nurse February 2020 40:e1-e11; doi:10.4037/ccn2020764

Jillian Wanik, Colleen Teevan, Lynn Pepin, Laura Andrews, Linda Dalessio, Jennifer Feda, Noubar M. Kevorkian, Sharon Weintraub
Implementation of a Bowel Protocol to Improve Enteral Nutrition and Reduce Clostridium difficile Testing
Crit Care Nurse December 2019 39:e10-e18; doi:10.4037/ccn2019304

Homood A. Alharbi
Antibiotic Skin Testing in the Intensive Care Unit: A Systematic Review
Crit Care Nurse December 2019 39:e1-e9; doi:10.4037/ccn2019207

Christina Clarkin, Stephanie Quist, Renata Shamis, Amber E. King, Bhavik M. Shah
Management of Clostridioides difficile Infection
Crit Care Nurse October 2019 39:e1-e12; doi:10.4037/ccn2019841

Deborah A. Talley, Eleanor Dunlap, Dawn Silverman, Stephanie Katzer, Meredith Huffines, Cindy Dove, Megan Anders, Samuel M. Galvagno, Samuel A. Tisherman
Improving Postoperative Handoff in a Surgical Intensive Care Unit
Crit Care Nurse October 2019 39:e13-e21; doi:10.4037/ccn2019523

Julia McSweeney, Emily Rosenholm, Katherine Penny, Mary P. Mullen, and Thomas J. Kulik
CE Article: Improving Safety of Intravenous Prostacyclin Administration to Pediatric Patients With Pulmonary Hypertension
Crit Care Nurse August 2019 39:e1-e7; doi:10.4037/ccn2019651

Joelle Ungarian, James A. Rankin, and Karen L. Then
Delirium in the Intensive Care Unit: Is Dexmedetomidine Effective?
Crit Care Nurse August 2019 39:e8-e21; doi:10.4037/ccn2019591

Melissa A. Nestor and Bryan Boling
Reversing Direct Oral Anticoagulants in Acute Intracranial Hemorrhage
Crit Care Nurse June 2019 39:e1-e8doi:10.4037/ccn2019160

Helen Kenedi, JoBeth Campbell-Vance, Jenny Reynolds, Michael Foreman, Christine Dollaghan, Dion Graybeal, Ann Marie Warren, and Monica Bennett
Implementation and Analysis of a Free Water Protocol in Acute Trauma and Stroke Patients
Crit Care Nurse June 2019 39:e9-e17doi:10.4037/ccn2019238

Karen O. Moss, Sara L. Douglas, Eric Baum, and Barbara Daly
Family Surrogate Decision-making in Chronic Critical Illness: A Qualitative Analysis
Crit Care Nurse June 2019 39:e18-e26doi:10.4037/ccn2019176

Matthew J. Nordness, Ashly C. Westrick, Heidi Chen, and Mark A. Clay
CE Article: Identification of Low Cardiac Output Syndrome at the Bedside: A Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit Survey
Crit Care Nurse April 2019 39:e1-e7; doi:10.4037/ccn2019794

Jody Knisley, Erin DeBruyn, and Michelle Weaver
Management of Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation for Obstetric Patients: Concerns for Critical Care Nurses
Crit Care Nurse April 2019 39:e8-e15; doi:10.4037/ccn2019620

Carol Ann Oragano, Declan Patton, and Zena Moore
Phlebitis in Intravenous Amiodarone Administration: Incidence and Contributing Factors
Crit Care Nurse February 2019 39:e1-e12; doi:10.4037/ccn2019381

Drayton A. Hammond, Jarrod King, Niranjan Kathe, Kristina Erbach, Jelena Stojakovic, Julie Tran, and Oktawia A. Clem\
Effectiveness and Safety of Potassium Replacement in Critically Ill Patients: A Retrospective Cohort Study
Crit Care Nurse February 2019 39:e13-e18; doi:10.4037/ccn2019705

Christina Canfield and Sandra Galvin
Bedside Nurse Acceptance of Intensive Care Unit Telemedicine Presence
Crit Care Nurse December 2018 38:e1-e4; doi:10.4037/ccn2018926

Christine Peyton
Protein-Losing Enteropathy and Plastic Bronchitis After the Fontan Operation
Crit Care Nurse December 2018 38:e5-e12; doi:10.4037/ccn2018784

Lether Draben
Hyperlactatemia and Patient Outcomes After Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Crit Care Nurse October 2018 38:e1-e6; doi:10.4037/ccn2018910

Megan Tracey
Congenital Cardiac Defects That Are Borderline Candidates for Biventricular Repair
Crit Care Nurse October 2018 38:e7-e13; doi:10.4037/ccn2018679

Dannette A. Mitchell, Teresa Panchisin, and Maureen A. Seckel
Reducing Use of Restraints in Intensive Care Units: A Quality Improvement Project
Crit Care Nurse August 2018 38:e8-e16; doi:10.4037/ccn2018211

Kristen J. Bryant
CE Article: Pediatric Delirium in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit: Identification and Intervention
Crit Care Nurse August 2018 38:e1-e7; doi:10.4037/ccn2018947

Annette M. Bourgault, Michele J. Upvall, and Alison Graham
Using Gemba Boards to Facilitate Evidence-Based Practice in Critical Care
Crit Care Nurse June 2018 38:e1-e7; doi:10.4037/ccn2018714

Amanda M. Staudt, Shelia C. Savell, Kimberly A. Biever, Jennifer D. Trevino, Krystal K. Valdez-Delgado, Mithun Suresh, Jennifer M. Gurney, Stacy A. Shackelford, Joseph K. Maddry, and Elizabeth A. Mann-Salinas
En Route Critical Care Transfer From a Role 2 to a Role 3 Medical Treatment Facility in Afghanistan
Crit Care Nurse April 2018 38:e7-e15; doi:10.4037/ccn2018532

Virginia S. Blackman, Benjamin D. Walrath, Lauren K. Reeves, Alejandra G. Mora, Joseph K. Maddry, and Zsolt T. Stockinger
En Route Care Provided by US Navy Nurses in Iraq and Afghanistan
Crit Care Nurse April 2018 38:e1-e6; doi:10.4037/ccn2018630

Ali A. Saherwala, Mary Kay Bader, Sonja E. Stutzman, Stephen A. Figueroa, Jamshid Ghajar, April R. Gorman, Abu Minhajuddin, and DaiWai M. Olson
Increasing Adherence to Brain Trauma Foundation Guidelines for Hospital Care of Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury
Crit Care Nurse February 2018 38:e11-e20; doi:10.4037/ccn2018691

Melissa Beaudet Jones
CE Article: The Fontan Procedure for Single-Ventricle Physiology
Crit Care Nurse February 2018 38:e1-e10; doi:10.4037/ccn2018994

Pamela L. Smithburger, Amanda S. Korenoski, Sheila A. Alexander, and Sandra L. Kane-Gill
CE Article: Perceptions of Families of Intensive Care Unit Patients Regarding Involvement in Delirium-Prevention Activities: A Qualitative Study
Crit Care Nurse December 2017 37:e1-e9; doi:10.4037/ccn2017485

Kumiko O. Schnock, Sucheta S. Ravindran, Anne Fladger, Kathleen Leone, Donna M. Williams, Cynthia L. Dwyer, Thanh-Giang Vu, Kevin Thornton, and Priscilla Gazarian
CE Article: Identifying Information Resources for Patients in the Intensive Care Unit and Their Families
Crit Care Nurse December 2017 37:e10-e16; doi:10.4037/ccn2017961

Zunjia Wen, Haiying Zhang, Jianping Ding, Zhuo Wang, and Meifen Shen
Continuous Versus Intermittent Subglottic Secretion Drainage to Prevent Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia: A Systematic Review
Crit Care Nurse October 2017 37:e10-e17; doi:10.4037/ccn2017940

Jose Luis Gómez-Urquiza, Emilia I. De la Fuente-Solana, Luis Albendín-García, Cristina Vargas-Pecino, Elena M. Ortega-Campos, and Guillermo A. Cañadas-De la Fuente
Prevalence of Burnout Syndrome in Emergency Nurses: A Meta-Analysis
Crit Care Nurse October 2017 37:e1-e9; doi:10.4037/ccn2017508

Xiaohong Deng, Ting Yu, and Ailing Hu
Predicting the Risk for Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers in Critical Care Patients
Crit Care Nurse August 2017 37:e1-e11; doi:10.4037/ccn2017548

Susan R. Lacey, Caryl Goodyear-Bruch, Adrienne Olney, Dave Hanson, Marian S. Altman, Natasha S. Varn-Davis, Debbie Brinker, Ramón Lavandero, and Karen S. Cox
Driving Organizational Change From the Bedside: The AACN Clinical Scene Investigator Academy
Crit Care Nurse August 2017 37:e12-e25; doi:10.4037/ccn2017749

Stacy Haverstick, Cara Goodrich, Regi Freeman, Shandra James, Rajkiran Kullar, and Melissa Ahrens
Patients’ Hand Washing and Reducing Hospital-Acquired Infection
Crit Care Nurse June 2017 37:e1-e8; doi:10.4037/ccn2017694

Amanda Bettencourt and Jodi E. Mullen
CE Article: Delirium in Children: Identification, Prevention, and Management
Crit Care Nurse June 2017 37:e9-e18; doi:10.4037/ccn2017692

Elizabeth A. Mattox
Complications of Peripheral Venous Access Devices: Prevention, Detection, and Recovery Strategies
Crit Care Nurse April 2017 37:e1-e14; doi:10.4037/ccn2017657

Colleen O’Leary-Kelley and Karen Bawel-Brinkley
Nutrition Support Protocols: Enhancing Delivery of Enteral Nutrition
Crit Care Nurse April 2017 37:e15-e23; doi:10.4037/ccn2017650

Melanie M. Nedder, Sharon A. Levine, Caroline Galligan, Kathleen Ryan Avery, Elizabeth Eagan-Bengston, and Karen M. Reilly
Blogging as an Innovative Method of Peer-to-Peer Educational Sharing
Crit Care Nurse February 2017 37:e1-e9; doi:10.4037/ccn2017642

Jessica S. Peters
Role of Transitional Care Measures in the Prevention of Readmission After Critical Illness
Crit Care Nurse February 2017 37:e10-e17; doi:10.4037/ccn2017218

Duygu Sönmez Düzkaya, Nejla Canbulat Sahiner, Gülzade Uysal, Tülay Yakut, and Agop Çitak
Chlorhexidine-Impregnated Dressings and Prevention of Catheter-Associated Bloodstream Infections in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Crit Care Nurse December 2016 36:e1-e7; doi:10.4037/ccn2016561

Kathleen Clark, Kerry A. Milner, Marlene Beck, and Virginia Mason
Measuring Family Satisfaction With Care Delivered in the Intensive Care Unit
Crit Care Nurse December 2016 36:e8-e14; doi:10.4037/ccn2016276

Maria Parisi, Vasiliki Gerovasili, Stavros Dimopoulos, Efstathia Kampisiouli, Christina Goga, Efstathia Perivolioti, Athina Argyropoulou, Christina Routsi, Sotirios Tsiodras, and Serafeim Nanas
Use of Ventilator Bundle and Staff Education to Decrease Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia in Intensive Care Patients
Crit Care Nurse October 2016 36:e1-e7; doi:10.4037/ccn2016520

Ellen J. Eckes, Debbie Gutierrez, Ann Peterson, Melissa Hubbard, Kevin Barrett, and Ann Marie Matlock
Educating Health Care Providers in Treatment of Patients With Ebola Virus Disease
Crit Care Nurse October 2016 36:e8-e13; doi:10.4037/ccn2016814

Kristin Anton
CE Article: Challenges Caring for Adults With Congenital Heart Disease in Pediatric Settings: How Nurses Can Aid in the Transition
Crit Care Nurse August 2016 36:e1-e8; doi:10.4037/ccn2016131

Wei-Ti Chen, Yi-Chen Huang, Meng-Chin Peng, Ming-Chu Wang, and Kon-Ping Lin
Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis After Influenza Vaccination: A Case Report
Crit Care Nurse June 2016 36:e1-e6; doi:10.4037/ccn2016808

Jonathan S. Auerbach and Christopher K. Schott
Solid-Organ Graft-Versus-Host Disease After Liver Transplant: A Case Report
Crit Care Nurse June 2016 36:e7-e11; doi:10.4037/ccn2016988

Charlene Supnet, April Crow, Sonja Stutzman, and DaiWai Olson
CE Article: Music as Medicine: The Therapeutic Potential of Music for Acute Stroke Patients
Crit Care Nurse April 2016 36:e1-e7; doi:10.4037/ccn2016413

Erin B. Owen, Charles R. Woods, Justine A. O’Flynn, Megan C. Boone, Aaron W. Calhoun, and Vicki L. Montgomery
A Bedside Decision Tree for Use of Saline With Endotracheal Tube Suctioning in Children
Crit Care Nurse February 2016 36:e1-e10; doi:10.4037/ccn2016358

Claranne Mathiesen, Denise McPherson, Carolyn Ordway, and Maureen Smith
CE Article: Caring for Patients Treated With Therapeutic Hypothermia
Crit Care Nurse October 2015 35:e1-e12; doi:10.4037/ccn2015168

Emily Castro, Michael Turcinovic, John Platz, and Isabel Law
CE Article: Early Mobilization: Changing the Mindset
Crit Care Nurse August 2015 35:e1-e6; doi:10.4037/ccn2015512

Theresa Brindise, Manisa Phophairat Baker, and Pat Juarez
Development of a Tele-ICU Postorientation Support Program for Bedside Nurses
Crit Care Nurse August 2015 35:e8-e16; doi:10.4037/ccn2015368

Cathy Haut and Maureen Madden
Hiring Appropriate Providers for Different Populations: Acute Care Nurse Practitioners
Crit Care Nurse June 2015 35:e1-e8; doi:10.4037/ccn2015972

Michael Liu, Merita Shehu, Edmund Herrold, and Henry Cohen
Prognostic Value of Initial Elevation in Cardiac Troponin I Level in Critically Ill Patients Without Acute Coronary Syndrome
Crit Care Nurse April 2015 35:e1-e10; doi:10.4037/ccn2015300

Linda A. Valdiri, Virginia E. Andrews-Arce, and Jason M. Seery
Training Forward Surgical Teams for Deployment: The US Army Trauma Training Center
Crit Care Nurse April 2015 35:e11-e17; doi:10.4037/ccn2015752

Annette M. Bourgault, Janie Heath, Vallire Hooper, Mary Lou Sole, and Elizabeth G. Nesmith
Methods Used by Critical Care Nurses to Verify Feeding Tube Placement in Clinical Practice
Crit Care Nurse February 2015 35:e1-e7; doi:10.4037/ccn2015984

Chris Winkelman, Carol Kelley, and Carol Savrin
CNE Article: Case Histories in the Education of Advanced Practice Nurses
Crit Care Nurse August 2012 32:e1-e17; doi:10.4037/ccn2012319

Linda Griego Martinez
Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection: A Rare Threat to Young Women
Crit Care Nurse August 2012 32:e19-e26; doi:10.4037/ccn2012906

Jason Wilson, Angela S. Collins, and Brea O. Rowan
CNE Article: Residual Neuromuscular Blockade in Critical Care
Crit Care Nurse June 2012 32:e1-e10; doi:10.4037/ccn2012107

Lyne Chamberlain
Hyponatremia Caused by Polydipsia
Crit Care Nurse June 2012 32:e11-e20; doi:10.4037/ccn2012173

Cynthia (Cindi) A. John and Michael W. Day
CE Article: Central Neurogenic Diabetes Insipidus, Syndrome of Inappropriate Secretion of Antidiuretic Hormone, and Cerebral Salt-Wasting Syndrome in Traumatic Brain Injury
Crit Care Nurse April 2012 32:e1-e7; doi:10.4037/ccn2012904

Elizabeth A. Henneman, Anna Gawlinski, and Karen K. Giuliano
Surveillance: A Strategy for Improving Patient Safety in Acute and Critical Care Units
Crit Care Nurse April 2012 32:e9-e18; doi:10.4037/ccn2012166

Freda DeKeyser Ganz
Sleep and Immune Function
Crit Care Nurse April 2012 32:e19-e25; doi:10.4037/ccn2012689

Kathleen Trochelman, Nancy Albert, Jacqueline Spence, Terri Murray, and Ellen Slifcak
CE Article: Patients and Their Families Weigh in on Evidence-Based Hospital Design
Crit Care Nurse February 2012 32:e1-e10; doi:10.4037/ccn2012785

Carrie Sona, Donna Prentice, and Lynn Schallom
National Survey of Central Venous Catheter Flushing in the Intensive Care Unit
Crit Care Nurse February 2012 32:e12-e19; doi:10.4037/ccn2012296

Susan F. Goran
Making the Move: From Bedside to Camera-Side
Crit Care Nurse February 2012 32:e20-e29; doi:10.4037/ccn2012191

Abby Poms and Martha Kingman
CE Article: Inhaled Treprostinil for the Treatment of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
Crit Care Nurse December 2011 31:e1-e10; doi:10.4037/ccn2011153

Joyce J. Fitzpatrick, Theresa M. Campo, and Ramón Lavandero
Critical Care Staff Nurses: Empowerment, Certification, and Intent to Leave
Crit Care Nurse December 2011 31:e12-e17; doi:10.4037/ccn2011213

Angela Logan, Prasama Sangkachand, and Marjorie Funk
Optimal Management of Shivering During Therapeutic Hypothermia After Cardiac Arrest
Crit Care Nurse December 2011 31:e18-e30; doi:10.4037/ccn2011618

Christopher Bibro, Christine Lasich, Frank Rickman, Jr, Nichole E. Foley, Sujen K. Kunugiyama, Ember Moore, Amy O’Brien, Natalie Sherman, and Christine S. Schulman
Critically Ill Patients With H1N1 Influenza A Undergoing Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation
Crit Care Nurse October 2011 31:e8-e24; doi:10.4037/ccn2011186

Lynnette Howington, Kristina Riddlesperger, and Dennis J. Cheek
CE Article: Essential Nursing Competencies for Genetics and Genomics: Implications for Critical Care
Crit Care Nurse October 2011 31:e1-e7; doi:10.4037/ccn2011867

Kirsten Krummel-McCracken
Stroke as a Complication of H1N1 Influenza Infection: A Case Study
Crit Care Nurse August 2011 31:e1-e8; doi:10.4037/ccn2011400

Andrew C. Faust, Rebecca L. Attridge, and Laurajo Ryan
How Low Should You Go? The Limbo of Glycemic Control in Intensive Care Units
Crit Care Nurse August 2011 31:e9-e18; doi:10.4037/ccn2011188

Nevart Chirinian and Nancy Mann
Therapeutic Hypothermia for Management of Neonatal Asphyxia: What Nurses Need to Know
Crit Care Nurse June 2011 31:e1-e12; doi:10.4037/ccn2011873

Wendy M. Fallis, Diana E. McMillan, and Marie P. Edwards
Napping During Night Shift: Practices, Preferences, and Perceptions of Critical Care and Emergency Department Nurses
Crit Care Nurse April 2011 31:e1-e11; doi:10.4037/ccn2011710

Brenda McCulloch
Use of the Impella 2.5 in High-Risk Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
Crit Care Nurse February 2011 31:e1-e16; doi:10.4037/ccn2011293

Bonnie Raingruber, Holly Kirkland-Walsh, Nikky Chahon, and Michael Kellermann
Using the Mehran Risk Scoring Tool to Predict Risk for Contrast Medium–Induced Nephropathy in Patients Undergoing Percutaneous Angiography
Crit Care Nurse February 2011 31:e17-e22; doi:10.4037/ccn2011746

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